Journalism 4250 09/18/14

Tonight in class we talked about culture norms and how different they really are. Something that really stood out to me is how the Mexican race isn’t considered a race in America, but rather just an Ethnicity. Like they’re either White-Mexican or Black-Mexican, they really don’t have a race for themselves. I think that’s kind of sad, but it’s the way that America wants to do it. We also had a nice discussion about women in the work job and why women receive less money than men do in the workplace. Through discussing about women in the workplace, we started talking about how to ask for raises and how women are supposed to do it. I learned that during our first job we are supposed to ask for  a lot of money when we go in for an interview. I didn’t know that until then. We also watched a document titled “The Black Press: Soldiers Without Swords”. It was about the newspaper that was ran by African Americans. It described to us the pain and struggle that they had to go through since they couldn’t get the word news that was important to them out into the media and neighborhoods that where it really mattered.  The first ever African American newspaper was called “Freedom Journal”. They used this newspaper to get out the news that they needed to get out. Soon after it got started, it ended up being torn apart due to the differences between the two editors. The newspaper paved the way for 24 more other African American newspapers, including the one that introduced the media to Frederick Douglas.


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