Jour 4250 10/23/14

In class today we discussed Men and male stereotypes along with Native Americans. This discussion brought up a nice little debate on if we thought that certain mascots were insulting to a certain culture and race. I think we could use a change in names to fit the era we are in currently today. Even though a lot of these team names are traditional, when you think about it these names can be offensive to that certain race. We also watched a documentary about men and the stereotypes that they have and how unfair it is for the men that don’t fit the description. They also talked about the shootings that have been happening for a while now and how they have all been by men. It also talked about how gender isn’t a factor when it comes to women or different races. When talking about the shootings that we are having in our society today, they mentioned that the entertainment and the gun businesses were at war with each other when it came down to who to blame for the violence in our society. This film was really interesting and influential at the same time.


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