JOUR 4250 11/13/2014

Today’s lecture was about hispanics and latinos and how they are portrayed in the media. We learned that Caucasians are rapidly becoming the minority in Texas. It’s projected that they will be the minority in the next few years. Something that stuck out to me was when Professor Everbach read that “No person can be illegal” it really impacted me because I have a lot of friends that are hispanic and even though i might not know if they were legally born here this kind of gives me something to talk to them about and figure out ways to make them feel better about either them or their family being “Illegally” here in America. We talked about a lot of different things that people in American say about immigrants and some of the names that they are called. We also talked about “DATKA” and how people are trying to say that as soon as President Obama leaves office that they are going to do away with the “DATKA” act. DATKA is the act of taking the immigrants that are brought over when they are young being put into cells that are away from the people in America, but at least they are getting to stay in America. With these immigrants being brought over of course it’s easy to see that people in America wouldn’t like it. People of power took to the media saying that these immigrants are bringing in a lot of diseases so we shouldn’t let them say. In my opinion, I feel that immigrants help out a lot.Yeah they take up a lot of the jobs, but that fact alone makes it possible for the Government and President to create more jobs in the US. The more jobs we have the more money we’re making and we don’t even think about all of the great culture values that these immigrants could bring over and show us. I feel that if they aren’t trying to take over the nation and they aren’t a threat to us then they should be able to stay and live life freely in the way that we mostly do. The video that we watched today was about illegal immigrants coming into the country and how they are negatively portrayed by the media. Many ways that they are portrayed are through cartoons, video games, and in motion pictures. In the end it’s really sad that immigrants have to go through all of this just to be accepted into a nation that preaches how free choice is everything to them, but they won’t allow it to anyone else that’s outside the country unless its making the country some money. That is truly sad.


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