Today in my African American Literature class we discussed Africans in media. It reminded of my journalism class because some of the ideas that were brought up were some of the things that we’ve talked about in the class. Like one of my classmates brought up the fact almost all of the African Actors in movies are portrayed as criminals and ghetto. While that’s true one of my other classmates also brought up how caucasians are always portrayed in tv shows as psycho killers and worse, but we don’t see anyone complaining about that. He was basically asking why African Americans always talk about being portrayed in a negative way when there are other cultures that are portrayed badly too. It led to a really good debate as people shared their insight on why they thought African Americans felt that certain way. This discussion made me think of why we felt this way and I came to the conclusion that I myself found this irritating because of everything that is associated with African Americans color. I always remember the color scheme that literature has. How white is pure and black is dirty, then I started to remember movies that basically always have the antagonist either in black or it’s always dark when they’re performing their dirty acts. As these things begin to infiltrate my mind it became clearer why this bothered me so much. This angers me so much because it just kills everything that African Americans have accomplished. Like to accomplish the things that African Americans have accomplished and at any moment be taking back and be associated with a color thats considered horrible in literature and on tv and in movies is something that is hard to see and understand. It makes no sense as to why it has to be that way. I can only hope that the color scheme in literature has some type of change soon. It would give a new prospective on so many things.


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