Last Blog

This blog is just a final goodbye and to thank Professor Everbach for everything she’s showed us this semester. I also would like to thank our teachers aid, for being there and grading our projects and exams. In this class I learned the true secrets of disney movies that I’ll always think about whenever I look at a disney film. To me that was one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned since I’ve been alive. To see all the misinterpretation of races and ethnicities be brought out all over the world is something I’ll always remember learning in this class. It really affected me a lot to think of all of my favorite Disney movies and now recognize all the wrong that it has in it. I can only hope that it changes sometime soon and that we start getting the correct portrayals and presentations of races and ethnicities in Disney films. Once again I thank you Professor Everbach for this wonderful class and hope that you have much success in the future.


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